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Conexiom Express and Conexiom Premier

Conexiom Express is the next generation of our AI-first - sales order automation solution.

Conexiom Express is deployed in concert with Conexiom Premier, Conexiom’s smart template based solution.

Conexiom Premier is ideally suited for high value trading partners while Conexiom Express is designed for all remaining customers. Yet both solutions are part of a cohesive whole that automates repetitive tasks within the sales-order process to give service staff back the time they need to excel at customer experience while reducing errors and increasing profits.

Conexiom Premier uses adaptive smart templates to map the layout, the fields, and the data within sales orders. It then aligns business rules to structure customer data for ERP system parameters. In this way, it provides optimal automation rates, requiring human intervention only to review exceptions that break business rules that service staff need to action.

Conexiom Express is faster to deploy because it does not require pre-configured mapping and uses multiple forms of AI to identify sales orders and contextualize the fields and data within. Conexiom Express achieves very high accuracy rates of 90%+ almost immediately and employs a human-in-the-loop review process to assure accuracy.


The choice of whether to deploy Conexiom Premier or Conexiom Express for a specific customer depends on the frequency of the orders they submit. The payback for mapping orders with Conexiom Premier is assured for high volume customers. Conexiom Express, on the other hand, can be deployed for any level of order submissions, no matter how infrequent, but requires modest effort to review and approve transactions.

Conexiom Premier and Conexiom Express have more in common than they have differences:




Common centralized services


Rapid deployment integrations


Business rules and logic framework for applying validations, conversions, and transformations to automate exception management


Ability to fix repetitive exception issues and apply those solutions automatically to future occurrences


Conexiom Express and Conexiom Premier automate repetitive tasks within the sales-order process, thereby eliminating order entry queues to streamline order processing as a whole.