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About the Conexiom Platform

The Conexiom Platform is a toolbox specifically developed to help your business win, grow, and retain more customers with fast, accurate order fulfillment.


Conexiom is a cloud-based document-automation solution that seamlessly transforms your business documents for your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It performs this transformation with 100% accuracy, configuring new digital documents using the business rules and logic that you have helped define. This process assures that the data is complete, accurate, and delivered at a fraction of the cost of manual data entry.

Conexiom’s Process

Conexiom quickly transforms unstructured trade documents into structured data, including Purchase Orders (POs), Accounts Payable Invoices, Order Acknowledgements, and Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs). In contrast to processes where data needs to be manually entered, with Conexiom, data goes through an automated process that includes five basic steps:


Ingest: Documents sent via email are auto-detected and processed by Conexiom


Extract: Relevant data is extracted from the document—from any consistent format that can be rendered as clear text.


Contextualize: Data fields are identified with 100% accuracy.


Transform: Customer-specific business rules, logic, and lookups are applied, based on that trading partner's established methods.


Deliver: Structured data is delivered to the ERP or other system of engagement.


There are a number of paths by which these documents can get to Conexiom:

Figure 1 Conexiom Process
  • Web-portal orders can be sent from trading partners, (“customers” or “vendors”), to the client company first and then forwarded to Conexiom.

  • In the same way, email orders can be sent from trading partners first to the client company and then forwarded to Conexiom.

  • Or, for greater efficiency, email orders can be sent from trading partners directly to Conexiom, without first sending them to the client.